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GetScrape is a high-level web scraping API that focuses on extracting the information you need without the need of writing complex parsing rules.

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Scrape Any Data You Need with a Simple GET Request

GetScrape allows you to extract different types of website data and control the outcome result with a simple GET Request.

Web Scraping Made Easy

GetScrape is a different kind of scraping API. Classic scraping APIs just provide a protocol to crawl websites and parse DOMs. GetScrape provides high-level functionality to extract precise data from websites without extra manipulation.

Simple and Secure GET API

No need to setup headers or form complicated payload objects.A simple GET request will return the parsed data, already reduced to your needs.

Seamless Entity Parsing

URLs, Phone Numbers, Dates, Images, Heading, Lists and More. ust tell us what to look for and we will return it. No parsing rules needed.

Exclude, Filter, Skip or Drop Result from the Final Response

Sometimes getting the data isn't enough. GetScrape also allows you to manipulate the final data with extreme simplicity.

Unique Features for Easy Data Extraction

GetScrape has dozens of cool features that help you to build the perfect programatic scraping workflows without extra data manipulation.

Entity Scraping

Forget about writing selector queries. Tells us what type of entity you're looking for and we will return them all.

URL Radius Context

A lot of scraping operations focus on extracting URLs and their sorrounding info. We make this easier by showing the context that encloses a URL.

JS Evaluation

Do you need some extra JS to achieve your desired results? You can pass it and we will execute it before scraping for content.


GetScrape can simplify your implementation by sending a POST request to your own custom endpoint.
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Scrape and Screenshot
One API Key Gives You Access to Two Powerful APIs

When you subscribe to our service, you get a single API key that you can use to access both our APIs: GetScrape & GetScreenshot.
If you also have screenshot workloads we got you covered!

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Uncomplicated Pricing for Different Workloads

GetScrape offers simple plans that adapt to your needs and use cases. Anything from low volume scrape operations to complex high volume scraping workflows.

Lincoln Plan

screenshot api plan

$5 /month

An entry level for protoypers and developers.

  • 2500 API Calls
    Equals 2500 Scrape Operations
  • API Calls also valid for taking screenshots with GetScreenshot
  • 5 requests per second
  • 48-hour support response time
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Hamilton Plan

Most popular

screenshot api plan

$10 /month

Zapier access and higher volume for a great price.

  • 6000 API Calls
    Equals 6000 Scrape Operations
  • API Calls also valid for taking screenshots with GetScreenshot
  • Integrates with: Zapier
  • 10 requests per second
  • 24-hour support response time
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Jackson Plan

screenshot api plan

$20 /month

The ultimate volume plan with ad-hoc implementation advice.

  • 15000 API Calls
    Equals 15000 Scrape Operations
  • API Calls also valid for taking screenshots with GetScreenshot
  • Integrates with: Zapier
  • 10 request per second
  • 24-hour support response time
  • Dedicated assistance in scripting or Zapier automation setup.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How is GetScrape different from other Web Scraping APIs?

GetScrape is a web scraping API that is designed to be used by developers who want to automate web scraping without having to create scraing and parsing rules.

Traditional web scraping APIs only give you a way to access the DOM but it's up to you to write the rules to extract the data you need. GetScrape provided high-level strategies to extract data from web pages and out-of-the-box it already provides common use case parsing such as extracting links, images, text, phone-numbers etc.

Can I take screenshots with GetScrape?

No, GetScrape is not designed to take screenshots. But your API Key will also give your access to GetScreenshot , which is highly optimized for taking screenshots. All plans gives you access to both APIs and credits are equivalent
(1 API Call = 1 Screenshot = 1 Scrape Operation).

What is Radius Context?

One of the most common operations when scraping data from websites is to extract URLs and their anchor text. However, modern web development results in HTML documents that are very complex and difficult to parse.

We provide a key in the results of link extraction operations that shows the enclosing context of a link. This is called Radius Context and it helps you to create a robust scraping strategy with less code and error-prone rules.

What are the Exclude, Filter and Drop Modifiers?

When scraping a website the extracted data is usually not ready for final use. In most cases the data needs to be re-structured so it can be used and presented.
This usually not an issue if you have a backend system that you can use to re-shape the data. However with tight systems like Zapier this might not be an option or is too complex.

We provide API level data modifiers that help to shape the data to your needs. For example, let's say you want to extract a list of links but you need to discard the 5 first links because they're irreleavant navigation links. You can simply pass the number of links that you don't want in your result by setting the drop_start parameter to 5.